Credit card perks that can save you money

man hands a clerk a credit card
man hands a clerk a credit card

There may actually be some good news buried in the fine print of your credit card agreement, says Ramit Sethi, bestselling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Here are five perks (beyond the typical seasonal ones, like additional points/rebates) that Sethi suggests you ask your issuer about (speak to a benefits manager; ask them for a booklet of benefits), as they could save you several hundred dollars over the holiday shopping season alone:

Extended warranty coverage
We're expected to spend over a billion dollars on extended warranties for electronics and appliances this holiday season, and we could be wasting our money. Many credit cards offer warranty protection. Some of the higher-end cards even double the standard warranty period at no extra cost to you. And there are other reasons to JUST SAY NO when you get the aggressive sales pitch in the checkout line: not only are some repairs already covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty (which covers parts for one year; labor for 90 days), but Consumer Reports research shows that most products don't break within the period the extended warranty covers, and when-and if-they do break, the cost is about the same as the extended warranty.