Create Your Job: Be Your Company's Social Media Voice

social networkingCompanies are now beefing up their social media teams, especially to be their voice on Facebook.

Those marketers are mostly coming from inside the organization, reports Shareen Pathak in That's because insiders have the best feel for the unique brand or personality of the company, its products, and services. Since you're employed at that organization, you have the best shot at migrating into the growing field of social media. Incidentally, check for all the opportunities in social media.

At your company, some of the openings for social media slots might be posted internally. But, because social media functions are a work in progress, you can create your own very new kinds of jobs in the organization.

The first step is to have down cold your company's social media strategy, practices, and procedures. If the organization doesn't already have that in some kind of format, offer to create the first draft of this kind of plan. Mention to the powers that be that you will run it through legal. That's important. Internet-related lawsuits, including by employees, are now commonplace.

The next step is developing a concrete role for yourself in the social media mix. That might be to post on Facebook about a certain product or service, creating a conversation with users. In your pitch for this kind of job, specify tone, both for your voice as well as graphics. At the start, you can position this as an add-on to your regular job. If your site becomes popular, then you can negotiate for your presence on Facebook to be expanded into other social media such as blogs, tweets, podcasts, and YouTube. That means you complete the migration from your former job.

To bone up for this possible opportunity, you can analyze other companies' social media. What approaches would be a good fit for your organization? What could you do much better? What would you declare yesterday and not use at all? Get smart about social media and you are a lot more marketable.

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