Cafe Life celebrates Turkey Day with new decorations, recipes, and gifts

It's just about time for Thanksgiving at the end of this month, and some Facebook games are being quicker than others at jumping on the Turkey Day bandwagon! Cafe Life has just released their Thanksgiving celebration with the addition of new recipes, gifts to send, and a vast number of decorations to get your Pilgrim on. Want to see what you can expect to find in Cafe Life for the holiday?

The first thing you'll see is the addition of several new recipes to make: the Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake, the Autumn Delight, and the Pumpkin Pie Cupcake. Cafe Life really likes their cupcakes, don't they? That's alright with us, nothing is better than a cupcake. There are also two new drinks in the Sparkling Apple Cider and the Cranabpple Cooler. Sounds tasty to us! You can also send the Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake and the Sparkling Apple Cider as gifts to your friends.

For decorations, the list is too long to name. You'll find everything here from autumn walls and flooring to harvest wreaths, Thanksgiving candles, acorns, cornucopias, and banners. There is definitely plenty to do in Cafe Life if you're a big fan of the Thanksgiving holiday!

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