Black Friday: Online retailers, where every day is Black Friday

online shopping cartShopping online can save big bucks and help you to get a head start on your holiday shopping. With big online retailers like and Newegg offering new deals every day, odds are good you can tick a few items off your list.

Electronics and computers are among the season's hottest gift picks and Newegg sells those items exclusively. The site has declared all of November "Black" and will feature a handful of sales items every day this month. If solid state drives and power supplies don't turn you or yours on, the site also carries home theater TVs, cameras and camcorders. In fact, Newegg has already offered 10% off Panasonic TVs as a daily deal.

Amazon's Black Friday site is also heavy on the electronics with the Kindle, not surprisingly, featured prominently. But the real deals are on Amazon's Gold Box page, dubbed as "Pre-Black Friday" sales. This is where the retailer features what it terms "best deals" like 70% off DVD collections (the TV series "Rescue Me" was featured when we stopped by).

This deal of the day is getting to be the promotion of choice with everyone from Amazon, Groupon and even Walmart getting into the act. If you're having trouble keeping up or keeping track, it's no wonder. helps to aggregate some of the larger online sites offering deals in your area, just register and it will send you an e-mail each day with relevant deals and links. And lists promotions at a myriad of sites including Newegg, Meijer and PacSun.
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