Your Boss Lost the Election, Now You Need a New Job

political jobsYour boss lost the election. That likely means that you need a new job.

Actually, finding the next job is easier for you in political positions than for those working in industry. That's because your professional inclination is to always keep networking, taking the pulse of diverse constituencies, and smelling out emerging trends. Consequently, you already know the most promising places to apply.

Those include other political offices, lobbying groups including trade associations, nonprofits with missions your previous boss supported, public affairs firms specializing in advocacy, and companies encountering problems with government regulations, legislation, and lawsuits.

Your job hunting materials would be more broadly marketable if apolitical. For example, reconfigure experience, skills, and accomplishments in neutral language such as: Researched primary constituency attitudes on minimum standards for nursing homes, developed educational materials for federal lawmakers and agencies, and distributed them through multi-media outreach. Surveys by two outside firms indicated readership between 45 and 76 percent. Case study available upon request. [Brief analysis of what worked and what didn't can be the tipping point.]

Proceed from a position of strength. Political experience is usually looked upon as a plus in your background. Some employers, such as in corporate communications, demand it.

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