Xbox Kinect Reviews: Revolutionary Movement


Kinect for Xbox 360 is now upon us, with thousands of midnight launch events across the country ushering in a new way of playing games throughout the country. If you don't know anything about Kinect, it is a 3D camera and sensor that hooks up to an Xbox 360 video game console, giving Kinect games the ability to actually track your movement without the need for any remote or controller at all.

We have been playing with Kinect for a couple of weeks now, and we can tell you that it definitely works! Almost instantly, it shows how Nintendo Wii is getting long in the tooth while it makes Sony's PlayStation Move look like a huge misstep. It feels like something out of a science-fiction movie, with the Kinect not only tracking your head, body and hands, but also recognizing your face when you step in front of the camera. has been fortunate enough to play several of the games now available on Kinect, so just click the button below for reviews of six of the hottest games for Kinect.