Social City: Watch Glee promote volunteerism in 'Don't Be a Sue' to get a free City Buck

Social City Sue or Shue?
Buried in the Financial News section (look for page 'C' in a blue square) of your Social City in-game newsletter is the chance to earn a free City Buck. American Expresses' Members Project has partnered with Fox's hit musical TV show "Glee", for a commercial campaign called "Don't be a Sue!".
Social City and Glee with 'Don't Be a Sue'
Coach Sue Sylvester is the show's chief villianess, and whose actress, Jane Lynch, admits is "pure evil and doesn't hide it." In the commercial, you can hear Sue say delightfully evil things such as, "Why should children be burdened by the tyranny of reading? Words are hard!" After viewing the commercial, you should click on "Enter Sweepstakes" in order to collect your free 1 City Buck. But if you really want to apply for the chance to hang out with the Glee cast in Los Angeles, you'll have to follow the rest of the instructions they give you to enter the sweepstakes for real.
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