Social City trailer parks go mobile (home) with new game update

Trailer Park
Trailer Park

It's about time the Boondocks (no, not those Boondocks, unfortunately) arrive in Social City; things were getting a bit too stuffy around here. In Playdom's most recent update, there are now four giftable trailer homes that players can send to their friends. You know, to add some more character to the outskirts of their city. Unless you want to create a city solely comprised of mobile homes--we'd love to see that.

Also part of the update are two new buildings available for City Bucks: Telecomm HQ and Dr. Sunshine's Toy Emporium. The former goes for 39 City Bucks, or about $7, and will score you 5,000 coins daily, 45,000 Happiness and 1,765 XP. The lengthily named latter will net players 12,000 coins every five days, 32,000 Happiness and 1,025 XP for 29 City Bucks (about $5.50).

In addition to the six new buildings, players will enjoy flashy new level-up and achievement animations, the ability to find contracts right from each factory's menu and the fact that houses will automatically populate once built. All in all, there's a bunch more content to enjoy in Social City, but forget that and get to making that trailer park city. Pics or it didn't happen.

What do you think about the addition of trailer homes to Social City? Will you create a trailer park city? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.