Send free Kleenex to a friend

lady in bed with the sniffles - Kleenex
lady in bed with the sniffles - Kleenex

Got a pal who likes freebies? Send a friend a free mini box of Kleenex as part of the tissue makers' "softness worth sharing" campaign. Share your name, address, and e-mail to get started. You can opt in or out of the Kleenex e-mail list. There is also an e-mail list to get updates about how the chain of Kleenex sending is growing.

Then share the recipient's name, e-mail, and address. If you're worried about signing your friend up for spam, consider using an alternative email address of your own. I sent a pack to my roommate, so it is possible to send the freebie to someone in your own household. You can add a 50 character message as well.

Caveats: valid in the U.S. and Canada only. Your free tissues will arrive in about two weeks.