Pet Society's Arabian Nights Theme to create 'a whole new world' soon

Magic Genie
Magic Genie

While we imagine most players aren't even close to done with the Autumn Countryside Theme, Playfish is moving right along to a decidedly more exotic setting with the Arabian Nights set in Pet Society. The Pet Society Blog and forums both claim that this update is live in-game right now, but we've yet to see it. This sprawling set of items, inspired by both the famous novel and (not surprisingly) Disney's Aladdin, is complete with animated decorations like Ploddington the Camel and functional items like the Magic Genie Lamp (pictured). While we doubt he's voiced by Robin Williams the all-too-familiar blue genie that will grant players advice and tell them jokes.

Not to mention there's also a Flying Carpet to ride (apparently also a functional item) and an adorable Monkey Petling to care for. Most interesting are the new Hideeni item,s which doesn't really have anything to do with Persian folklore at all. These functional items will directly effect how often or rarely you see the costumed caper.

For instance, the Hideeni Magnet, or what's supposed to be an attractive cat, will instantly bring Hideeni to your house to collect goodies from. A bottle of smelly liquid aptly named Hideeni Repellent, however will keep the guy away for those annoyed by his unannounced appearances--he does lack manners, after all. Lastly, the Hideeni Bribe will force him to give you items regardless of whether you missed a friend's News Feed or they posted one at all.

In addition to a plethora of new Arabian furniture options and two new costumes, Hideeni will be back to give unsuspecting players one of 12 shiny gems. Collect all of them for an exclusive Monkey costume--looks like they'll have to update the Hideeni Mystery Box sometime soon. That's if we'll have five minutes to breathe, of course. (Though, I guess it's better than nothing.)

Have you found the new Arabian Nights theme in your game yet? If so, what do you think of the slew of new functional items? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.