Nightclub City: Move your nightclub to the Twilight Acropolis


Tonight, Nightclub City has released a new location - the Twilight Acropolis. This dark urban necropolis is the place for metal and industrial music, piercings, and underground parties. Currently, there is a promotion that will allow you to buy this new location for 1 Cred instead of the 12 that it normally costs. Along with the Twilight Acropolis location, there is also a set of new decorations to transform your club into the urban establishment you've always wanted. Here are the full details:

Industrial Dance Floor - $200
Fallen Star Dance Floor - $35,500
Blacklight Trio - $230,000
Iron Mayhem - 45 Cred
Sepulchrall Lamp - $230,000
Dark Knight Armor - 45 Cred
Gargoyle Statue - 45 Cred
Den of Creeps - $140,000
Dungeon Gates - 40 Cred
Dungeon Luminescence - $100,000
Dreadcon 5000 DJ System - 84 Cred

There does not appear to be any new parties or celebrities to go along with this theme, but the new location and decorations are pretty darn sweet. We look forward to the addition of some dungeon themed parties. We could use an underground rave for sure!

Do you like the Twilight Arcropolis theme? What new decorations do you hope to see?