New FrontierVille mission: It's Chicken Roundup Time!


A new limited time quest has launched in FrontierVille today, called "It's Chicken Roundup Time!" Like the other limited time missions, you'll have to accept this mission by a certain date, in this case November 21, and finish the quest within 3 days of accepting it.

In this case, the mission asks you to Sell 50 Adult Chickens, Collect 12 Shipping Labels, and Collect Ten Pairs of Hip Boots. Hopefully you've saved some of the chickens you've had to purchase for other missions, or even those given away by friends when they clobber foxes on their own Homesteads, as you'll need a lot of them for this quest.

Additionally, depending on how far you or your neighbors are into the Aunt's List quest line, you may already have the 12 Shipping Labels in your inventory, ready to use. Either way, as these Hip Boots are a new item, you'll need to post a news item to your wall so that your friends will be able to send them to you. Luckily, you've got a full three days to collect the boots that you need, so the rush is lessened this time around (as opposed to, say, the Canning Jars in a previous timed mission).

As a reward for finishing the quest, you'll receive the Rabbit Rotisserie decorative item. Will your farmers be eating rabbit for Thanksgiving this year as opposed to turkey? Only time will tell, but we'll be sure to let you know when/if more of these kinds of missions become available to complete in the game.

Let us know what you think of this quest in the comments. Do you think the reward is worth it? Or is the quest too difficult to finish in three days' time?

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