Mall World takes a walk on the wild side with new store

Mall World has just released a new exciting store, especially for those of you who love animal print accessories. In fact, only if you love animal print accessories. The new Wild Things store is two levels of everything safari. Leopard print, jungle accessories, zebra clutch purses, you name it. These items are hot right now for the Fall, so you'll want to deck your avatar and your store out with these fancy animal inspired goodies. Here's what you can find:

Long Sleeve Leopard Mini - 3 Credit
Giraffe Print Sundress - $1,200
Cheetah Fur Coat - $1,200
Zambezi Scarf - $600
Tiger Stripe Boots - 2 Credit
Jungle Cat Pumps - 1 Credit
Namibia Clutch - 1 Credit
Zebra Print Slingbacks - $600
Safari Shades - 2 Credit

Jungle Stripe Necklace - 1 Credit
Safari Bangle - $1,200
Basket Weave Bracelet - 1 Credit
Zebra Tank - $720
Samburu Zebra Dress - 2 Credit
African Beauty Jersey Dress - 1 Credit
Camouflage Tote - $1,200
Wild Herd Heel - 1 Credit
Black Panther Stiletto - $600
Love Cheetah Sandals - $1,200
Ivory Clutch - $600
Wild Wedge - $1,200
Cape Town Jacket - $1,200
Cougar Strapless Dress - 3 Credit
Love Cheetah Cardigan - $6,000
Love Cheetah Clutch - 1 Credit
Tribal Twist Necklace - 1 Credit

There you have it, an entire two floors of animal print goodness for you to buy and enjoy. There is a nice mix of credit and dollar items, so most everyone will be happy by what they find.

Which is the best item in this collection? What should I buy? Tell me in the comments!
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