Majority of New Bosses Overestimate Their Own Skills

bossThe majority of new bosses perform worse then they think they're doing, reports The Wall Street Journal.

About 72 percent of new bosses overestimated their skills and never questioned their ability, found a study by Development Dimensions International Inc. Yet, most of those needed plenty of help in strategic planning, leading or gaining commitment from others, delegating, and developing staff.

What do you do if your boss is part of this 72 percent? Here are some recommendations:

  • Don't volunteer negative input, not directly and not indirectly through body language and the grapevine. Suck it up. No one is perfect. Anyway, most bosses will improve with time -- or criticism from above.
  • When asked for feedback, take on the mindset of a global diplomat. A proven tactic is to turn the question back to the boss, as in: What do you think about that. If bosses are asking, usually they already sense the problem. Actually, you are giving bosses the opportunity to find their own answers.
  • Be helpful around the office. Bosses reward those who went the distance when they were adjusting to the new job.

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