Mafia Wars inventory revamp coming soon - Help shape these new changes

Just a few minutes ago, Zynga announced that they will soon be undertaking a set of "initiatives" in Mafia Wars, that will apparently improve the game. One of these changes will include an Inventory revamp. This seems like one of the best things they could bring to Mafia Wars (that being a more organized inventory system), as it has become pretty hard to find particular items in the dozens and dozens of items any one person may own (especially higher level players).

However, instead of just announcing a revamp and being done with it, Zynga wants your input on how the new inventory should be designed. They're asking players a series of questions over on the game's official forums ("How do you use your inventory?" "What would you like to use it for?" and so on), and they've also posted a few mock-ups (that is, work-in-progress images that could change at any time) of what the new inventory system could potentially look like when it launches. You can see one of the images at the top of this post.

This new system could contain not only ways to view only specific kinds of items, like weapons or vehicles, but it may also color-code those items to show how rare a particular item in your inventory is, along with potentially allowing us to sort our items by city location from which they were found or purchased.

As if that weren't enough, it looks as though Zynga is working on forming a wiki of sorts about each and every item in your inventory. If this all works out according to the current setup, you'll be able to click on an item, and learn virtually everything you could ever want to know about an item, including (but not limited to) its cost in the store, its attack and defense points, its added abilities and features, and even a detailed item description.

If you ask us, this sounds like an absolutely fantastic set of new additions that we'd just love to see added to the game. However, as we said, this is far from a concrete announcement, so if you have any concerns or added suggestions that you think Zynga should know about, they would love to hear them - simply head over to the game's forums and post your thoughts there.

[image Credit: Zynga]

Meanwhile, let us know what you think of these potential changes in the comments. Do you like the current inventory system, or are you ready for a change?