Mafia Wars' Fight Event drops double loot from brawls this weekend

2X Fight Loot
2X Fight Loot

The brawlers and scrappers out there are going to love this. Zynga has decided to give you pugilists some love this weekend in Mafia Wars by giving fighter double the loot drops this weekend. Want to know what the best part is? All you need to do is fight. Just burn through your oodles of Stamina and you'll see the goodies pour in--that is if you win, of course.

This comes as a more than welcome event for the fighters considering Zynga largely ignored players who exclusively leveled up their stamina before Las Vegas and later Italy entered the picture. Before then, players didn't have much more to do than pick fights, participate in brief Secret Missions, declare wars that seemed wholly incomplete--the whole system has been revamped, thankfully--and rob properties. While most fighters would have probably been bumping heads this weekend regardless, enjoy an even better reason to get out there and break in those knuckles. Just remember the first rule... and the second.

Will you be hitting the ring this weekend for double loot? What do you think of Mafia Wars recent changes to give fighters more options. Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.