Mafia Wars Atlantic City is live, a brand new city inside your phone

Atlantic City
For those who have suffered the inexplicable (albeit much flashier) horrors of Zynga's Mafia Wars app for iPhone, the wait for a true Mafia Wars experience on mobile is over. Atlantic City is live and ready to be pillaged for all players above Level 18. All you need to do is type this address,, in your phone's native mobile browser (this hasn't been tested on Opera mobile yet, sorry folks) and log in using Facebook Connect.

Find out what the first real Mafia Wars game for mobile is like after the break.

Mafia Wars Fight
After logging in, you'll be surprised at how similar the experience is to its big brother on the full web Facebook. Not to mention how much faster it is (I was connected via WiFi). You have the choice of either hopping in fights--that is, with all Mafia Wars players--or taking on Atlantic City's unique jobs.

Mafia WarsJobs
Jobs operate just like normal ones with one key difference: since this is a casino town, the exclusive currency for Atlantic City is Vegas Chips. Though, for veterans of Sin City, these jobs should be cake with the amount of leftover Chips they should have. While the jobs don't contain the pretty artwork like they do on Facebook, at least completing these contributes to your actual character and not one made up for a poorly executed social app. You can even used your saved Energy packs if you run low.

Mafia Wars Level Up
Leveling up in Atlantic City is just like normal, but again, much faster. So this is what it feels like to be free of Flash, huh? Better yet, you can collect from your properties in all cities (even Italy!), though this city unfortunately doesn't have properties of its own. All in all, Mafia Wars Atlantic City is more than the ultimate companion app; it's nearly an entire city on your phone. With how smoothly the game runs on mobile, we hope this is just the beginning.

Have you tried Mafia Wars Atlantic City yet? If so, what do you think so far and if not, why haven't you (this better be good)? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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