Happy Pets' Daily Limited Editions give everyone a chance at rare critters

Daily Limited Editions
Daily Limited Editions

Don't call it a comeback. CrowdStar has introduced a new feature to Happy Pets called simply "Daily Limited Editions." Each day, a previously featured limited edition pet will appear in the Happy Pets Store for just 24 hours. While they'll appear in extremely small quantities, at least this is a chance at scoring pets that we once thought would never come back.

Starting today, it seems that players have a second chance at owning the awesomely named Ultracat. A black cat with fearsome purple stripes, this pet is on sale for 120 Facebook Credits, or $12, though as of this writing only 77 are left. So act quickly if want your very own kitty that looks like a superhero's loyal sidekick. Don't worry if you can't get this one in time as in less than 24 hours yet another rare pet will hop on the scene. And another after that... and another after that... and another...

What do you think about the new Daily Limited Edition Pets? Which ones would you like to see come back? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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