Happy Island Islets on sale - Add attractions for less coins for a limited time!

If you've wanted to purchase an Islet (or two... or ten...) in CrowdStar's Happy Island, but had been a bit anxious about spending so much money (either virtual or in the form of Facebook Credits), now might very well be the perfect time to pull the proverbial trigger, as all Islets are now 50% off for a limited time.

This includes all Islets, whether they originally cost Facebook Credits or coins, so you can have your choice of the entire run, ranging from the Halloween-themed Pumpkin Islet (originall 75 Facebook Credits, now 38 Facebook Credits - $3.80) to the Polar Ice Cap, which is now a cool $10 even (100 Facebook Credits). For coin options, you have items like Poseidon's Retreat and the Desert Oasis, which normally cost 3 million and 1 million coins, respectively, but are now on sale for 1.5 million and 500,000 coins.

This sale in no way makes these items cheap, but it is cheaper than we've seen them priced before, and is likely to be the biggest markdown we'll see on these items for a long time. Depending on the Islet you purchase, you can gain anywhere from 5-15 more Attraction slots, giving you even more profit from the activities your tourists take part in. Shop fast to take advantage of these bonuses.

Will you take advantage of this sale in Happy Island? If so, what will you do with your new land? Let us know in the comments.