FarmVille Megamind promotion is in full bloom for 24 hours only

megamind farmville farm -
megamind farmville farm -

As promised, the FarmVille Megamind promotion is in full swing today. Farmers can visit Megamind's farm, where they are asked to 'help' activate the blue alien's contraption. The kicker is, after you agree that you want to help, you just watch the action unfold on screen, i.e. the blimp-like contraption projects a movie promo onto a field of white hay bales.

After the promo is over (it takes about 30 seconds or less), you will be rewarded with Mega-Grow, which will instantly mature your crops and offer wither protection and a Megamind Decoration, which you can display on your farm if you so desire. You can find these two items in your gift box and use them at your discretion.

See how the entire FarmVille Megamind promotion works in the video below.

This is the second promotion of this type for FarmVille (the first being McDonalds), and I am happy to report that this is available to international players as well. I also can't help but feel a little disappointed that there's not much more to do once you get to the Megamind farm. Would be interesting if FarmVille creator Zynga would bake in a few more things to do on the farm -- maybe grow or plow some crops -- so it feels less like you're simply a spectating an advertisement.

Either way, I'm sure this 24-hour promotion will prove very popular with FarmVille die-hards, and we can expect to see more of these types of advertising integration in the not-too-distant future.

What did you think of the Megamind promo? Did you wish there was more to do on Megamind's farm? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.