How to Stay Employed When You're Over 65

older workersYou're over 65 and among the 823,000 who are still working. You want to know how you can increase the odds that you will continue to stay working and maybe even get ahead.

Here are the best practices for earning a living after age 65:

  1. Become an entrepreneur. A Vanderbilt study found, "Self-employment among American workers increases with age, with the most dramatic jump occurring at age 65." There's more. Those who are older than 65 tend to succeed more often and bigger because you have been in the work force a long time. You have most aspects of how to operate a business down cold.
  2. Focus on industries with high turnover. Employers in industries where there is high personnel turnover and absenteeism, such as loss prevention, value your stability. They would probably hire you more readily than less volatile kinds of work.
  3. Create jobs for yourself. Use your experience and show your initiative by explaining to a potential employer what seems to be needed to get done and how you can do it. Employers probably have already been thinking along those lines. They could see you as smart because you mirror them.
  4. Apply at companies that promote recruiting senior citizens, such as Home Depot.
  5. Let everyone know you want to work. There is an assumption out there that those over 65 are happy to sip pina coladas.

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