Discovery/Hive offers pre-registration bonus for Deadliest Catch Facebook game


Back in September, we told you about the announcement of a future Deadliest Catch game on Facebook, being developed by Hive Media. Now that the game is about to launch (it is slated for release sometime this month), Discovery and Hive Media are offering fans of the television show a way to earn a pre-registration bonus, that will be redeemable when the game launches. These bonuses will help those potential fisherman earn a leg (or fin) up on the competition, and they're completely free to earn.

All you have to do is head over to the official Discovery Channel blog and fill out a quick form. As a reward, you'll receive an email when Deadliest Catch: The Social Game launches, with said emailing containing instructions on how to claim $50,000 of in-game currency, and 20 Crab Coins (we're assuming that's the premium currency), absolutely free.

In addition, Discovery has also launched new details concerning the game itself. We now know that the title will have a concept "similar" to FarmVille, but instead of becoming a farmer on the land, you'll become a crab-fishing captain. You'll be able to customize your avatar, choose (and apparently customize) your ship, hire a crew, stack pots, and then hit the waters of the Bering Sea.

For your chance at these free bonuses, and to see a few more screenshots from this up-and-coming title, check out the Discovery Channel blog.

Will you play Deadliest Catch: The Social Game on Facebook? What do you think of this bonus incentive being offered to players who pre-register - would you like to see it implemented in other games? Let us know in the comments.