Delta Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing in Mumbai

A Delta plane with 244 people on board made an emergency landing in Mumbai after an unidentified object was discovered in the plane's cargo hold.

, an Indian broadcaster, are reporting the plane was taken to an isolated area at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport where passengers were deplaned and an anti-explosive squad was brought in.

"Full emergency was declared at the airport for Delta 70 Amsterdam-Mumbai flight which landed at 2320 hours," an airport spokesman told the news outlet.

Airport sources said a Delta staffer in Amsterdam gave the information about the unidentified object, which was reportedly in the pallat of the cargo-hold.

Emergency for fire and rescue searched for nearly a half hour. There is no word on exactly what type of object prompted the alert, although the state of emergency has been lifted.

The incident happened on the eve of President Obama's two-day visit to Mumbai. The Hindustan Times is reporting the scare could have been a security drill conducted by the Secret Service, who had performed several mock drills in the area where the President will be staying in southern Mumbai.

Photo by kalleboo on flickr.

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