Black Sailfin Molly & Flame Hawkfish swim into Happy Aquarium


Two new fish are now available to purchase in Happy Aquarium, and they come in the form of very high-level fish (in fact, one is now the most exclusive fish you can purchase in the game).

The first is the Black Sailfin Molly, a fish that "glistens" with a purple, almost electric looking pattern. It can be purchased for 130 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $13 US. It grows to adulthood in 32 hours flat, and you'll need to be at least level 65 or above to be eligible to purchase one for your tank.

The other fish is the Flame Hawkfish, which is available only to those users who have reached level 70. It is a bit more expensive, at 134 Facebook Credits ($13.40 US), but I guess that just means that it will be even more worthwhile to show off to your jealous friends. Not only did you have to work a long time to even reach a high enough level to purchase it, but you had to spend a lot of money once you finally did get there.

Both fish can be customized in terms of name and gender, but we can't help by feel as though the Molly is a girl (it's more than just the name) and that the Hawkfish would best be suited as a male.

What do you think? Will you add these fish to your aquarium? Let us know in the comments.