10 fun jobs that pay well

Job satisfaction can be measured in a lot of ways: benefits, job security, career advancement and work-life balance.Even earning a salary of $75,000, which a recent study by the National Academy of Sciences found is the income level at which people are happiest, doesn't guarantee you'll be happy at work.

But a fun job that you can look forward to going to every day, that's a job everyone wants. The funnest job may not necessarily equate to the most satisfying -- a recent survey by CareerBliss found that Disney theme park workers rank lower than members of the Army when it comes job satisfaction.

But if you're looking for fun and a chance to make some good money -- both of which we hope will lead to job satisfaction -- here are 10 jobs worth considering. Our list isn't based on a survey, but on unscientific criteria that includes job satisfaction, having fun at work, independence and a good work environment.