Zoo World: Exotic Arabian Nights brings camels and genies


Zoo World has started a brand new theme today, and it's the Arabian Nights collection. There are a few new animals, decorations, and buildings to start decorating your zoo with the latest Persian gifts. This theme doesn't seem to be very big, but it's possible that it's just the beginning and that there is more to come. Here is a quick peek at what you can find in this new set of items:

Persian Leopard
- 266,450 dollars
Arabian Camel - 259,200 dollars
3 Wishes Stand - 60,000 dollars
Mosque - 6,500,000 dollars
Great Sphinx - 1,000,000 dollars

This theme will only be around for 10 days, but it's awesome that none of these items require Wildlife Points. Players who don't spend money will be overjoyed at being able to have access to all of these Arabian Nights items. I purchased the 3 Wishes Stand expecting that it would grant some kind of reward 3 times, but it was purely a decorative item which was a bit disappointing to me. Either way, this is a neat theme and we hope it's expanded to more items.