T-Mobile USA Says High-Speed Technology Faces Obstacles

T-Mobile USA warned that plans to introduce new high-speed mobile technology could go badly wrong for consumers and companies.

Verizon Wireless (VZ) is currently working on a high-speed service for the end of this year, Reuters reported. The service will be based on an emerging technology known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). AT&T (T) plans to introduce an LTE service in 2011.

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Neville Ray, T-Mobile USA's chief technology officer, said that these services may rely on phones with heat problems and short battery lives.

"Smartphone ability in LTE is going to be very very limited for a long period of time," Ray told Reuters.

T-Mobile will eventually support but LTE, but is in "no rush" to do so, Ray said.

"LTE is going to mature and we're all going to watch the maturation," Ray said. "Is it going to be a great technology in the next couple of years? Very questionable."