Social City update keeps City Bucks items from newbies, adds three new buildings

Social City update keeps City Bucks items from newbies, adds three new buildings
Louvre Square
Pillar Rock
Hot Springs Resort

What better day to update your favorite city planner game than Wednesday? With hopefully just enough content to hold players over until the weekend, Playdom updated Social City with three new buildings. First up is the Pillar Rock, a decoration item that will add 25,000 Happiness and grant you 785 XP for 25 City Bucks, or $4.99. Next in line is the Hot Springs Resort, which for 45 City Bucks (about $9) will reward players with 50,000 Happiness and 2,305 XP on top of 3,000 coins every day and a half. Lastly is the Louvre Square. Based on the world famous art museum in Paris, France, this building costs a whopping 59 City Bucks (slightly over $10), but will provide you with 5,000 coins every 12 hours and 3,845 XP--not to mention 66,000 Happiness.

While these flashy new buildings are certainly a treat, what's even more interesting is that Playdom has barred players below Level 3 from buying items that cost City Bucks. While there was no official explanation for the change, we imagine the developer wants to keep new players from making purchases before they've become invested in the game world. Not to mention players of such a low level--or what the kids these days call "noobs"--have no real use for an item that costs $10. So, for the--ahem--noobs out there: get a better feel for the game before you run around spending your hard-earned cash.

Update: Players can now "Like" each others' city layouts. These "Likes" will post to your friends' News Feeds just like normal.

What do you think of the new items and changes to Social City? How do you feel about newbies being restricted from City Bucks items? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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