Send some magical free gifts to Restaurant City neighbors


It's not often when Playfish adds this many free gifts with a new theme in Restaurant City, but for this week's theme of Magic, Mystery & Mayhem (aka Harry Potter), we see four brand spankin' new items that can only be added to your restaurant after receiving them as a gift from friends.

The four items are the Owl Cage (an owl is actually in a cage), a Pickled Gubbins decorative item, that comes in the form of four bottles grouped together, a Spider, and a Purple Flavor Potions, a magical vial filled with an even more magical purple liquid.

As usual, these items will only be available to send to your friends for a limited time, so be sure to do that fast, if you know of someone who would love to decorate in the complete Harry Potter theme, this week or beyond.

Note: This also marks as your final warning to send some of the Halloween themed free gifts, as the Pumpkin Lamp and Pumpkin Lantern are now marked as "Last Chance." Send them or ask for them fast to not miss out!

What do you think of these magical new items in Restaurant City? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published