Restaurant City's magical new recipes: Chocolate Toads & Butternut Squash

As we told you earlier today, this week's weekly theme in Playfish's Restaurant City is "Magic, Mystery, and Mayhem." The theme is a blatant nod to the Harry Potter line of books and movies, and in a typical move for the game, the theme's menu items have hit players' menus a bit in advance of the decorative items themselves.

The two new recipes are the Chocolate Toads dessert dish, and the Butternut Squash drink item (think a squash puree). As for the Chocolate Toads, you can learn this recipe by having one Chocolate, one Milk, and one Mint ingredient. The Butternut Squash recipe, then, interestingly requires one Soda, one Ice Cream, and one Butter.

Neither of these dishes are labeled as only being available for a limited time, which, along with the fact that they are buried quite deeply within their respective sections of the menu (limited dishes tend to show up first in line), leads us to believe that they are permanent additions to the game. Still, it couldn't hurt to learn these dishes now, even if you don't master them right away, just to make sure you have them for future use in your catalog.

What do you think of these new Restaurant City dishes? Would you ever eat a Chocolate Frog yourself, or will you just leave those to your virtual guests? Let us know in the comments.