Ravenwood Fair falls victim to LOLApps Facebook drama


It seemed as though LOLApps' runaway hit Ravenwood Fair had escaped the privacy policy debacle that took place last month, which virtually shutdown every other application in the developer's arsenal (presumably because the game was released after the entire incident began), but now it seems that Facebook has decided to impose the same restrictions on the game anyway, as just minutes ago, LOLApps posted a public announcement on the Ravenwood Fair fan page informing users that the game's social elements have been disabled by the social network.

Their post reads:

We are currently working with Facebook regarding the disabling of Gift and Neighbor requests. This reduction of service also covers bookmarking, wall posts and notifications. Ravenwood Fair will back in full operation as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

We'll be sure to let you know if and when the game's features are reenabled.

Are you a Ravenwood Fair player? What do you think of these ongoing developments? Let us know in the comments.