Over-50: How We Keep Working

Resumes tell employers why they would be smart to hire you. Resumes -- at least not the ones that actually get you hired -- don't present a laundry list of credentials.

Those who are over-50 are at an advantage in creating resumes that land jobs because you have a track record. Your resume communicates loud and clear what outcomes you've gotten for other employers. In your cover letter and actual interview, you take it from there. You show employers what you can achieve for them.

So, what do you highlight on the resume? Answer: Accomplishments for former employers or clients. Where possible, quantify them. For example, here is an excerpt from a resume for a marketing communications expert over-50:

  • Created strategy and content for three-day digital fund raising campaign for X nonprofit that brought in $354,000.
  • Re launched Product Y, which resulted in 54 percent increase in sales within three-month period.
  • Coached chronic unemployed in interviewing tactics, 87 percent of whom were hired for full-time or temporary work (pro bono).

As for that linear list of professional positions held, keep that to about the last 10 years. Everything changes and all that counts is your more recent job history. Incidentally, this isn't to conceal age. Clues to that are all over the Web. Employers can connect the dots.

The book I wrote on this subject is 'Over-50: How We Keep Working.'

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