Nightclub City adds new paid currency: Nightclub Cred

Nightclub Cred
Nightclub Cred

It's been a whirlwind of big changes for Nightclub City over the past couple of weeks, and today's addition of a new currency is no joke. Nightclub Cred is now the new way to purchase exclusive items in the game, and it replaces Facebook Credits in the game. It's not as big of a change as you might think though, because the new Nightclub Cred is purchaseable only with Facebook Credits. So why did they do it?

The answer is simple. With Facebook Credits, games don't have the ability to give them out for free. They can't offer them randomly as quest rewards, or start you out with any for free. It's basically a currency that the developer has no control of. Now that Nightclub City has added an intermediary currency, they can give them out to players in promotions or just for fun. This will be a benefit to you as a player!

For anyone who is confused, Nightclub City released an FAQ guide that helps players understand the change. The developers have stated that the prices for items should be exactly the same as before, except they offer bonuses for large purchases so it might even be cheaper. We definitely like this change!