New FarmVille Tree & Animal: Cottoncandy Tree, Pinto Mini Horse


Ever since the official FarmVille podcast dated October 23, we've had a pretty good indication that the Country Fair theme, first released in the game last year, would be making a reappearance in the game this year. That time has come, as tonight's FarmVille update brings with it one Country Fair themed tree, and a new themed animal.

The tree is the Cottoncandy Tree, which is available for 5 Farm Cash. It can be harvested from every 2 days, giving you some profit, even if in the form of coins, after purchasing the tree.

Meanwhile, the new animal is a cute little Pinto Mini Horse, a dark gray and white miniature horse that can be harvested every 3 days. It can be purchased for either yourself or for a friend for 26 Farm Cash.

Both of these items have a 14 day time limit attached, giving us a fairly good idea of when the entire theme will leave the store. That being the case, plan your purchases ahead of time to make sure you can add all of the items you want to your collection while they are still available.

Will you purchase the Cottoncandy Tree or the Pinto Mini Horse? What other items do you hope Zynga releases in the Country Fair theme? Let us know in the comments.