Microsoft On A Roll: Hiring in Sales

microsoft jobsMicrosoft, which already employs 36,000 salespeople in the United States alone, is hiring more people around the nation, reports Shareen Pathak in

Microsoft is on a roll. Last week it announced at 51 percent increase in profits. Also, Microsoft has plenty new to sell, including Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Phone 7. Microsoft is recruiting both entry level and experienced salespersons who have technical expertise. However, there are some higher-level jobs that demand the relationship approach to sales. Those require soft skills such as listening and problem-solving.

Job opportunities are listed on Microsoft's career site. Microsoft wants you to know that often positions are listed generically -- there might be only one listing for what could be several available sales positions. Therefore, don't be discouraged if you find only one opening in a large sales territory. Since Microsoft wants the best talent, it has set up a site to explain the best way to introduce yourself to the company.

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