Lunchtime Poll: McDonalds Facebook game - would you play?

mcdonalds farmville

It's hard to turn on the TV or visit a news site without hearing about McDonald's this week. First, there's the big news that the Golden Arches is bringing back the McRib sandwich for a limited time, and now we're reading that they're banning toys from mcdonald's mcribHappy Meals in San Francisco. A few weeks ago, there was a big McDonald's promotion in FarmVille.

With McDonald's on the brain and this recent story about how big brands are getting ready to explode on Facebook -- wouldn't it be crazy if (bear with me here) McDonald's launched its very own social game and, more importantly, would you play? Maybe you could try your hand at slinging virtual Big Macs for hungry customers in a Diner Dash-style time management game.

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