It's Turkey Time in Tiki Resort: New mystery prizes


Playdom's Tiki Resort is still bustling with activity from all their Halloween surprises, but now it's time to pull out the Thanksgiving goodies and celebrate a new holiday.

The most exciting celebration in this new theme is the Daily Turkey Bonus. Simply for logging into Tiki Resort and clicking on the large bouncing roasted turkey once per day, you'll be given an exclusive random Thankgiving-themed item. There are 7 total Thanksgiving items that can be won in this way, totally for free. You can also buy Thanksgiving Charms for 9 Facebook Credits each to give yourself more chances in the random giveaway.

Finally, there is one new item in the Shop available for Thanksgiving only. The Tiki Turkey Tent will cost you 29 Facebook Credits, and looks like two turkeys underneath a striped yellow tent. We're sure this isn't the last new item available for purchase. It does seem as if most of the Turkey day decorations will come from the mystery game. Which is fine with us, because it's free!

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