It Girl debuts branded Rocawear clothing line

It Girl Rocawear
It Girl Rocawear

Crowdstar's It Girl is on a rampage lately, with new clothing and accessories available every direction we turn. Today, the game launched it's first branded clothing line, partnering up with Rocawear. Rocawear was started in 1999 by Jay-Z and a partner, and has a revenue around 700 million dollars. There are currently 7 new limited quantity items in the Couture store, and spending a bit of Facebook Credits will let you get your Jay-Z fashionista on. Here's the new gear:

Rocawear Can't Hold Me Down Dress - 57 Facebook Credits
Rocawear Beaded Dress - 55 Facebook Credits
Rocawear Roc Wings Tee - 44 Facebook Credits
Rocawear Marcella Shoes - 53 Facebook Credits
Rocawear Sparkle Drop Dress - 55 Facebook Credits
Rocawear It's the Roc Tee - 47 Facebook Credits
Rocawear Sylvi Heels - 51 Facebook Credits

Players may be a little disappointed that they can't buy these Rocawear items without spending real money, but we think these new clothing pieces are worth the money.

What other fashion designers do you hope to see in It Girl?