FIFA Superstars Referral Rewards: Find new players for powerful perks

Referral Rewards
Referral Rewards

Been having a hard time convincing your friends that soccer on Facebook can actually be fun? Playfish understands, which is why they've launched the Referral Rewards program in FIFA Superstars. Players who get their friends to play the game and reach Level 5 will be rewarded increasingly better items like free Grab Match Credits, high-level Transfers and even time with Club Staff like the Personal Trainer and Coach. (What? No terribly expensive lawyers?) Here's a breakdown of what you'll win for recruiting up to 50 friends:

  • One Referral: Three Match Credits

  • Two Referrals: Three Match Credits

  • Three Referrals: Physical Trainer

  • Five Referrals: Coach

  • 10 Referrals: Five Match Credits and Silver Transfer

  • 20 Referrals: Five Match Credits and Silver Transfer

  • 50 Referrals: Five Match Credits and Gold Transfer

To make sure you reap the benefits, just provide your friends with the unique link that FIFA Superstars gives you (and no, the link found above will not work for you) and make sure they reach Level 5--you can even track your progress. Oh wait, we didn't explain how this is going to help you get your friends to play. Well, if they were real friends they wouldn't mind doing you a simple favor. Trust us, the guilt trip is fool-proof.

What do you think of the Referral Rewards program? How will you go about scoring 50 referrals? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.

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