Angry FashionWorld players demand better game with Care2 petition


Players of FashionWorld, a Facebook game developed by Buenos Ares-based Metro Games with over 4 million monthly players, are demanding their hard-earned Facebook Credits back after weeks of bugs and malfunctioning features, according to Social Times. A group of players have banded together to start a Care2 online petition seeking 1,000 signatures that they hope will sway Metro Games into either refunding their loyal players' Facebook Credits or improving the stability of its hit fashion game.

According to some players, gifting has been completely shut down for three weeks while others report lost items and some claim to have items they've just built disappear almost immediately, according to the petition. The complaint lists a litany of other problems from outright missing Facebook Credits to a lack of any explanation or tutorial on how to play the game to fundamental issues with the amount of space players have to dwell in. If these problems really have been occurring for nearly a month, we're surprised FashionWorld has more monthly users than some of Zynga's less popular games.

According the the Care2 petition that will be sent to both Metro Games and Facebook (not sure how far the latter will get them), the issue ultimately boils down to poor customer service. Considering this might be the first time players have attempted to petition a social game since the Zoo World incident, it will be interesting to see the results of this petition--which thus far has just 73 out of the 1,000 necessary signatures. God speed, disgruntled fashionistas.

How far do you think a petition will get FashionWorld players in their struggle for a better game? If there were any Facebook game that you would form a petition against, which would it be and why? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.