FarmVille: Penguins return for a short while, Animal Feed now giftable


The wait is finally over, Morgan Freeman lovers. Penguins are back in FarmVille and for a limited time players can spread the adorable, aquatic bird love for free. That's right, Penguins are giftable for a short time. We're not sure as to why, but we can only imagine it's a ploy to get us to run out and buy a third, fourth or even fifth copy of March of the Penguins starring Mr. Freeman's mystical voice.

Penguins were first introduced as one of the wandering wild animals almost a year ago and largely disappeared since. After that, statues were erected in the birds' honor across all of FarmVille and Emperor Penguins arrived to fill the void--but it just wasn't the same. And now, for but a fleeting moment, they've returned at last.

In other, more boring news, you can now send Animal Feed to your friends as a gift, making luring in hapless animals with the Feed Trough that much easier. But, to be honest, if the Trough doesn't lure cute little penguins, we're simply not interested.

Are you as excited about giftable penguins as we are? What about Animal Feed (not)? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.