Domino's Pizza Hiring Delivery Person for $31,000 per Hour

dominos-pizzaNo, that's not a misprint. The behemoth pizza chain, Domino's, is embarking on quite the marketing gimmick. For its 25th anniversary in Japan, the company is offering up 25 different offers, ranging from free food and discount coupons to a delivery job at the rate of $31K (2,500,000 yen) an hour.

The catch? The part-time job lasts only one hour. According to Reuters, the company is declining to elaborate further on the details of the contest that ends Nov. 10th, but the winner -- er, employee -- will be chosen in the standard run-of-the-mill hiring manner by filing an application. The next round will encompass a formal interview, after which the winner will be chosen regardless of experience or education. "Basically it's anybody over 18, no questions about education or experience" stated a company spokesperson. Along with the monster salary, the winner will also get free uniform rental.

The job, which will take place in December, has come under fire from some people in Japan who stated that the money might be better spent on raising employee salaries, which average around $12/hour. Although the Wall Street Journal reported that the jobless rate in Japan remains at a steady 5 percent, Domino's will almost surely have a record number of job applicants.

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