Dallas Mavericks offer Free Facebook Credits for Twitter followers

Dallas Mavericks+Twitter=Free Facebook Credits
Dallas Mavericks+Twitter=Free Facebook Credits

The Lone Star State's basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, is giving the first 1,000 retweeters and 15,000 followers of the teams' account, @dallasmavs, five free Facebook Credits. Made possible by Ifeelgoods, a micro-incentives platform, the promotion only has another two days left. Ifeelgoods claims to be the first company to let retailers to provide Facebook Credits, which it does through a special application that Facebook users will need to install to their accounts.

While the company normally works with online stores, advertising and email listings, the Dallas Mavericks are using the service to give folks like you and I incentive to become fans of the team via Twitter. If successful, this could break ground for not only brands to amass more followers, but become a 100 percent legitimate source of free virtual cash. You know, for the folks who snoop around the bottom of games' pages for potentially seedy free cash offers. Yeah, we know who you are (i.e. us).

Players who either follow the Dallas Mavericks' Twitter or retweet one of their updates will receive a direct message on the service from Ifeelgoods containing the credits, Inside Facebook reports. According to Suchit Dash, Co-founder & VP of Product of Ifeelgoods, these credits can be used anywhere on the social network. You know what that means, right?

If successful--not to mention whether the technology is simple enough to employ--even small, local businesses could take advantage of the program. Imagine going to your local Internet cafe and signing up for a members card that rewards you something to the tune of three Facebook Credits for every coffee purchased. While that hypothetically awesome situation might be a ways away, the future of virtual currency as an online incentive is now.

Will you follow the Dallas Mavericks' Twitter for free Facebook Credits? If so, what other companies or brands would you like to see take advantage of this new method to get free currency? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.