Cast a spell with new Restaurant City decorative items

While Playfish might have initially claimed that the new Harry Potter "Magic, Mystery & Mayhem" items would be launching in Restaurant City on Thursday, it appears that some lucky chefs are already getting their hands on the items in the theme, as the game updated just a few minutes ago to launch them in the store.

The theme contains all of the items you'll need to create both a magically themed restaurant, but also give off the feeling of walking into Hogwarts, with wooden school benches and desks, a blackboard, globe, and a school dining table, along with all sorts of decorative items, like giant spiders, potion bottles and racks, castle pillars, arches, and other architectural details. You can even purchase a Floating Car or a quartet of Floating Candles to really add the feeling of magical amazement to your restaurant.

What makes the theme so blatantly Harry Potter-oriented are the two figures available to purchase from the Decorations portion of the store - Ham-oniony and Harry Butter, who are clearly molded after Hermione and Harry from the insanely popular series. It makes sense that Playfish would go down this route, especially right now, as the newest film in the series will be released later this month in the US.

For now, if you'd like to add a magical flair to your restaurant, be sure to pick up these items while they are easily available in the game's store. Also, for a larger look at all of the available items, check out the official Restaurant City blog.

[Image credit: Playfish]

What do you think of these new Harry Potter inspired items? Will you create a Wizard School in your own restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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