Beware counterfeit InStyler Rotating Irons on Amazon and other websites


Over the past few days you might have seen a review of the As Seen on TV InStyler Rotating Irons hair styling tool on WalletPop. You won't any longer. We've removed the video and the story.

We did so because the folks who make and sell the InStyler told us we bought and reviewed a counterfeit. Unfortunately, we bought our product from a reseller on Amazon that we have now learned may be selling counterfeit goods. While that reseller was rated highly on Amazon at the time that we purchased the InStyler, that reseller has since shut down. Apparently, there are a number of other sellers still engaging in this practice and we want to pass along this word of caution about fake InStylers.

We now see that InStyler put out a press release last year, alerting consumers that there are counterfeits on the market. The company advised consumers to either order the product using the information from the TV commercials or from one of the three sites that are authorized to sell the product -- (English), (Spanish) or on eBay through the seller "offbetti."

The company says the fakes don't meet the same safety standards nor do they perform the same as the original, legitimate product. Consider yourself warned. We wish we had been.

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