Batman's finances are finally revealed

Batman equipmentGOTHAM CITY -- The burning question among all Gothamites will finally be revealed on Wednesday in Grant Morrison's final issue, No. 16, of "Batman and Robin" -- how can Batman afford his high-tech gear?

The masked vigilante is outfitted with only the most technologically-advanced equipment -- a memory fiber cape, high-gain microphones (to be the first on the scene), and a graphite-composite suit covered in Kevlar plating, not to mention his impressive utility belt with a host of cutting-edge weapons that would make even James Bond jealous. So how is it that Batman can spend his nights fighting crime into the wee hours of the morning and still manage to earn enough money to cover his pricey weaponry? He has a financial backer, of course.

Billionaire CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne, is set to unveil his connection to Batman, but he is only admitting to bankrolling the Dark Knight. The surprising announcement is part of a rouse to keep Batman's true identity a secret. In an interview with the Associated Press, Grant Morrison explained that, "We've sidetracked the media that he has actually been financing Batman all these years," and is not the "man behind the cape."

During the announcement, Wayne will reveal his newest plan for Batman -- a global crime syndicate dubbed Batman Incorporated. Wayne plans to segue his business savvy to the crime fighting industry by creating a worldwide network of "Batmen" to fight crime around the world, not just in Gotham. Of course, this venture will take a lot of capital and would have raised suspicions if Wayne had not stepped in early to admit to his financial relationship with Batman.

Batman has already begun his global recruitment for his Bat-army, and his adventures will be chronicled in the new series, "Batman Incorporated," set to release November 17.
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