Airline Worker Suing American Airlines for Sexual Harassment

A female airline worker is taking American Airlines to court, claiming her co-workers not only made lewd comments toward her but also touched her breasts.

The Chicago Sun Times reported Donna Montefusco is seeking at least $50,000 in damages in a discrimination and retaliation suit, alleging she was subjected to unwanted sexual advances. Montefusco, an assistant in maintenance and engineering, was working on a male-dominated night crew at the time.

According to the lawsuit, Montefusco said almost from her first day on the job her co-workers-including managers-repeatedly barraged her with sexually suggestive comments. Despite her protests, one manager would grope and hug her and another would constantly remark "Donna do you wanna."

Montefusco said the harassment went on for a year, at which point she complained to higher-ups about the "hostile" work environment. She was removed from the facility in November 2007, but said the staff retaliated against her for speaking up.

The airline moved Montefusco to the day shift, which according to the suit ended up "depriving her of the opportunity to spend time with family" and caused "great inconvenience." Montefusco also accused American of interfering with her requests to transfer to other positions within the company. This includes "rescinding a flight attendant position at American Eagle which had been previously offered to her."

Montefusco continues to work as an American Airlines staff member at O'Hare Airport.

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