Vampire Wars' Sun God Akem's Gamble: Finally become a Daywalker

Sun God
Sun God

Finally, blood suckers in Vampire Wars will achieve the impossible this November through Zynga's Sun God Akem's Gamble. Going on for the next 23 days, players will be able to partake in the infamous Akem's Gamble for a chance at five new abilities--much like the recent Blood Brothers event--inspired by the Egyptian gods. The fifth ability, "Daywalk," will surely be the ultimate goal for you virtual vamps this month, but here's a look at all five godly powers:

  • Speed of Sol (Movement): 84 Attack, 73 Defense (Available Now)

  • Glow of Helios (Offense): 97 Attack, 60 Defense (Available Nov. 7)

  • Ra's Brilliance (Defense): 48 Attack, 115 Defense (Available Nov. 13)

  • Amaterasu's Light (Offense): 104 Attack, 54 Defense (Available Nov. 19)

  • Daywalk (Movement): 130 Attack, 125 Defense (Collect all four to earn this)

All you need to do is take on Akem's Gamble throughout November with a chance to win each ability as they become available. Thankfully, Akem's Gamble allows for one free attempt daily, so this event could very well be completed without spending a single Favor Point. But those looking to get the new powers as soon as possible can pay up 10 Favor Points for each attempt afterward. So, take your chances all month long and you just might be one of first Daywalkers in Vampire Wars.

What do you think of the new Akem's Gamble event? Will you be taking your chances this month? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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