Vampire Wars sends players through the portal to Tokyo


Today, Zynga's fang-ridden RPG Vampire Wars has released a new expansion event into Tokyo. Players are now prompted to "enter the portal" where there are greeted by a message telling them they have 24 days to complete all of the Tokyo missions. The first few missions are pretty easy, but all missions require Yen Coins. These coins can be purchased with Favor Points, earned through regular non-Tokyo missions, or received by asking from friends. Each set of missions is a "Chapter", and there are a total of 6 chapters that each unlock on a certain date. This date depends on when you first enter Tokyo, so it will differ for all players.

For completing these chapters, called Mission Tiers, you will unlock new abilities as long as you master each tier to level 3. The first chapter, "A Bloody Clue", contains the following missions:

Explore Tokyo
Question locals for information
Make your way to the Tokyo bridge
Search the dead vampire
Head to Nukekubi Industries

This event is pretty exciting, and you can access it now by logging into Vampire Wars and clicking on the "go through the portal" prompts. We'll have more details once we get through with Chapter 1 and move on to the later missions.