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If you're a fan of The Sims games or social gaming in general, then you'll find Simply Hospital from RedSpell to be one of the most addictive new additions to Facebook gaming. Personally, I haven't been this hooked on a game since Mafia Wars or FarmVille. The game also has several social elements that behoove you to recruit more friends to your burgeoning hospital staff.

In Simply Hospital, you run your own health care facility. Players start out with minimal staff and resources and must build out their hospital by treating more patients. It's somewhat of a spoof on the health care industry. You diagnose problems that can stem from eating too much ice cream, causing the Common Cold, to watching too much TV, resulting in Zombie Syndrome (sorry, this game has nothing to do with AMC's The Walking Dead).
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A quick tutorial puts you on the path of curing your first sickness – the Common Cold. Your hospital begins with three locations: a Reception Desk, Examination Room and Pharmacy. Every patient must stop by the Reception Desk before being sent to the appropriate Diagnosis room. Patients suffering from Physical sickness will head to a standard Examination Room and later on patients suffering with mental issues will head to the Shrink's Room. You'll also have to take care of operational tasks, like setting up a Bathroom and making sure your doctor's have a lounge to rest in so they can go on breaks without leaving the hospital.

If your doctor is unable to diagnose a problem, you will have to research the illness. Gamers start with 4500 dollars and three gold bars. You can raise your awareness of one affliction at a time, including: the Common Cold, Frostbite, Chain Smoker, Disco Girl, Lamp-Man and Zombie Syndrome. The more cases you solve, the higher your reputation meter will read earning you more patients. Each affliction has several levels of knowledge so gamers will constantly need to research problems. As your knowledge of Zombie Syndrome goes up so will the cost associated with researching the illness and the time it takes to research the illness. If you want, you can purchase additional gold bars with real world money in order to speed up the research time. These gold bars can also be traded in for 3000 in game cash at any time. Sometimes you will be awarded with an additional gold bar when you level up, but it is rare. So once you get your gold bars, hold on to them.

Each doctor and patient is cleverly characterized through its character model and bio. For example, there are some fun anecdotes in selecting doctors. When you start, most are general practitioners with no experience. They also may like Czech beer and Russian women and be rude with patients. If you don't like your staff's work ethic or just think they cost too much, you can fire employees at any time. Since each staff member requires ongoing expenses, you may want to save up money by hiring your friends to work in different treatment areas in your hospital. Treatments are also humorous. You cure patients suffering from Frostbite by putting them in a steam room and patients suffering from chain smoking will be submersed in water. Chain smokers will actually have a ball and chain, while patients suffering from frostbite will actually look like a snowman.
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At the end of every shift, you will have to collect the money you made and transfer it into your account. There is a report in the upper right hand corner of the screen that tracts your income, expenses, and net pay. Gamers will also see a report detailing their work shift stats: Profits, Reputation, Diagnosed, Cured, Left in Line, and Final Count. As you level up you can also work longer shifts, that way you can set turn your computer off and let your hospital run for three or more hours while you're away. Just make sure to hire a repairman in case things go wrong while you are away. You can also hire a hospital administrator to collect your money.
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There are several social features in Simply Hospital. Gamers will be awarded Achievements to post to their Facebook walls. You can send gifts like Nyquil Mixture, Headache Pills or environment pieces to friends. As stated before you can also invite friends to be doctors in your hospital. There is also a leaderboard so you can see who is dominating the health care industry.

Gamers can start expanding your hospital after you earn 100,000. Finish a few three-hour shifts and you will be well on your way to franchising health care. You can also improve your hospital's reputation with newspaper advertising, leaflet distribution, main street banner promotion or TV Advertising. All of these, of course, cost gold.

Simply Hospital is definitely one game to hop on as soon as possible. This game is amazingly addictive. For now, I'll let my farm and mafia take care of itself, while I focus my time on curing the Lamp-Mans and Disco Girls of the world.

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